For Vengeance

Dark, like a starless ominous night, nothing but darkness filled the room. Even through the blindfold she could feel the darkness that swerved around her; letting out hushed whispers of pleasure filled laughter. The blindfold cut through the skin around her eyes like a sharp blade teasing its way through her flawless skin. The sea salt tears that soaked the blindfold were now slowly drying away.

It was late. Time ticked by like a never ending black hole. Her body trembled like a fierce earthquake. Though she tried to fight the broken sobs, they kept pushing their way through escaping her swollen, rosy lips. She shook her hands and legs once again trying to free them with no luck. The rough, painful rope cut through her wrist and ankles. She let out a frustrated and heartbroken screech through her clenched teeth. “Help” she choked out for what felt like the millionth time.

The sharp squeaking of a nearby gate at her right indicated that it was being opened. The foul stench of cigarette smoke filled the air; she tried to hold in her breath the best she could, but the piercing sting in her lungs wouldn’t let her. She sucked in air lacking control over her broken body, and immediately cried out in pain. The smell of smoke filled her lungs once more and she let out another helpless scream.

She felt his disturbing presence there, right next to her, larking in the dark. Her mind showed her the smirk he had planted on his face. That horrifying smirk that could get anyone to cringe at the sight. Those yellow teeth made his scar filled face look even more frightening. She had seen his face one too many times, and she knew that no one should have to go through this horror. The beating of her heart quickened like a rapid beat of an everlasting drum roll. Salty tears betrayed her eyes and escaped her eyes once more.

A razor-sharp object trailed up her cheek, not hard enough to cut, but hard enough to make its jagged edge felt. “Where are they now?” A rough voice spoke in a hushed amused tone next to her ear. “Did you not say that they were always going to save you? Where are they now? Where are they, you precious little girl?!” The fear in her built up, erupting like a volcano. Her body trembled and fresh sobs broke through her once more.

Suddenly the sharp knife like object was at her throat, pushing down lightly. Her breath hitched at the movement and her body froze up, shutting itself down. She knew that one simple movement could cause her death. Her ears perked up at the sudden sound of footsteps in a distance. The patter sounded like millions of small mice running to take shelter. The knife was then pressed harder against her throat, and though she wanted to swallow, her body could not function.

Then it was gone, the knife was gone, but the cold jagged object now left a hot burning sensation. She screamed. Her voice was pitched higher than it ever had. Warm cherry red liquid began to roll down her neck and chest. Her throat was sliced open, but only slightly. The cut made her feel dizzy enough to faint, but not to die. Her head began to spin, slowly at first but then quickening. It felt like the small spin-tops she would play with as she sat on his mother’s lap, clapping her hands. She remembered her mother’s breathtaking, sweet, loving smile that lit up her world. “Mama” She cried in a husky whimper before her eyes closed.

The light around the room would make anyone feel happy and joyous. Flowers were hung and settled all around the lovely room. There were large windows that let the suns gleaming light pass through, so that no additional lighting was needed. To anyone the room would look like a dream, but that day was no more than a horrifying nightmare.

Her small eight year old self watched as the men with rough dirty hands grabbed at her mother, pulling and pushing her. Tears ran down both her and her mother’s cheeks. The day was beautiful, sunny and full of life, however, nothing but dark storm clouds filled the small home. “Sweetheart, I promise you that you will be okay. I love you honey, don’t ever forget that” her mother spoke, right after the words “spare the child” to the men that grabbed at her, as best she could through the broken sobs.

“No! Let my mommy go!” She screamed and cried loud trying to push the men that grabbed at her mother away. Then he was there, the scar faced, yellow teeth monster that she would never forget. “Oh look the child wants to play” He spoke with venom in his voice. Then, her mother screamed and kicked at the scar faced monster. “Don’t you dare touch her you lifeless freak!” She yelled louder than her daughter had ever heard her. The man laughed humorlessly “Leave the child, she’s no good” He spoke as the men fled the house.

It was dark than, her mother was never seen again. She had joined the FBI in order to take vengeance on the creature that had done this to her family. However, she let her emotions get the better of her, and now here she was, in the dark lifeless room, about to face her death.

There was a sound, a sound that was so familiar that it almost felt like home. If it weren’t for the pain, she would have known that they were here, that he was here. She would have known that they had come to save her just as they said they would. His voice, his smooth comforting voice was now at her ear, begging for her to open her eyes. It was than she realized that the murderous blindfold was no longer against her skin. When she opened her eyes, the room was brighter than she could bare. Her eyes snapped shut faster than any humming bird could fly.

“Please open your eyes, I promise everything will be okay” There! His voice was speaking to her again. If not for herself, then she would do it for him. She would fight the glue that held her eyes shut. She would open them, if it was the last thing she did. Then she did it, she opened her crystal blue eyes. The eyes that were usually filled with life, joy, and laughter was now dull and dead. She heard him intake a sharp breath, and she moved her eyes to meet his. “Oh sweetheart, it’s going to be okay, you’re going to be okay.” He choked out as he stroked her soft, silky brown hair.

She opened her mouth as if to speak and then snapped it closed when pain jolted through her. She let out a screech causing him to pull her closer. She opened her mouth once more and spoke, her voice barely audible, “Is he dead?” To answer, he simply nodded with tear filled eyes. Then he leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. He was gone, and could no longer hurt anyone anymore. “Then it is going to be okay” She whispered. “Please no, don’t, please don’t leave me, stay with me.” Tears rolled down both their cheeks as he begged. “I love you” were the last words she spoke to her husband before the life left her body, eyes still glued to his.


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