White Collar: Neal, Peter, and the Priest

Neal Caffrey: [Neal and FBI Agent Burke enter a church under restoration. The priest asks them to leave, so Neal has to convince him to let them stay] Please father, my best friend is having a crisis of the soul. He is a married man and he has the most devastatingly beautiful assistant at work. A very provocative woman. He’s been tempted. More than tempted. I have details.

Priest: It’s very common with men his age. Unfortunately, very common.

Neal Caffrey: And I want to confront him about this before he tears apart his life. He has a lot of faults. I mean, don’t get me started, he’s a mess, but he’s very spiritual. I know this is the place where my words will have the most effect.

Priest: This is the City of Churches. We’re closed. Surely there’s another place…

Neal Caffrey: This is where he was married.

Priest: Five minutes.

Neal Caffrey: Sorry about that. We got five.

Peter Burke: Did you just lie to a priest?

Neal Caffrey: Do you find Diana attractive?

Peter Burke: Sure.

Neal Caffrey: Then we’re good.


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