My brother, Nazmus, wrote about my friends’ and my experience of collecting canned food for a canned food drive.


Food 1For her school’s 2011 canned food drive, my sister Shati and her friends decided to go and collect cans from various neighbors in our apartment complex. She told me some of the interesting encounters she and her friends experienced while embarking on this mission.

Creepy not Cute

Knock. Knock. The door opens, and 5 young children appeared. They were wearing dirty cloths and looked mistreated. The children called for their mother, after which the mother loudly screamed “what do you want!” Shati peeked in the house, and she describes it as an empty, dark place. It was dusty and spider webs could be seen stuck on the corners of the walls.  Finally, the mother unwillingly appeared at the door. She was a very thin young lady in a very bad shape. Her black hair was completely messy and wore a white, dirty, cloth. “Yes, what can I do for you?”…

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