Story of an empty Refuge Night Perfume bottle

I, the most beautiful–amazing smelling Refuge Night Perfume there ever was created–sat on the glorious dresser. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t love me? I am breathtakingly stunning; I mean, just look at me! What I don’t understand is why would she, out of all the people, chose to purchase me? By “she” I mean my owner. Don’t get me wrong, she’s beautiful, but I feel like she really doesn’t see me as highly as she should. Someone of my status should be praised, not just used when necessary. You see, she’s not even home most of the time, always going out with other people instead of hanging out with me! I guess she can’t be humble before an important figure.garbage I know I’m right because if someone saw me as highly as I see myself they would not throw me into the garbage!!! Like, seriously, gross! I cannot believe her!

Story from an orange flavored Gatorade

Hum, hum, hum, I’m just humming along. Oh! Hello, I didn’t see you there! Nice to meet you, I’m Gatorade, Orange Gatorade. Oh gosh I’m embarrassed, if I had known that there would be visitors, I would have made sure that I was full and not have my master chose me to drink today. You see, master is amazing! She is so much fun, always taking me or one of my siblings anywhere and everywhere. You see, I’m in her backpack right now, she pulls me out time to time, drinking from me. Master is very active, she needs to keep herself hydrated, and that’s where my siblings and I come in, helping her hydrate. Oh, will you look at that? She just took the last drink from me. I don’t know where we go after she finishes with us, but I think I’m about to find out! Oh Wow what is this? Hoof it smells bad in here, where am I? Is this the – is this the trash can?

Story of a Yellow Bandana

Left, right, now down. Mmm stretching is so tension relieving, getting the feelings of the knots out of all the right places. I have to do this every day, my Madam requires it. It’s not like Madam ever straight out said “you need to stretch” but she always stretches me around her long ginger brown hair, keeping it in place. I think I am a beautiful yellow color that goes great with her hair. She needs to keep me on most of the day; she’s very active and it would not go well if her hair got in her way. It’s dark in here, but it’s almost time for her to come and get me and start the day. Ha! Just as I suspected, she is opening the drawer right now, about to take me out. Umph! Wow something just fell on top of me, what is that? Is that? Are those new bandanas? No, this cannot happen! This cannot be for real, she cannot just bring new bandanas in. Oh she’s picking me up; ah ha, I knew she would still choose to put me on despite having newer bandannas! But wait, why is she not putting me on? Is that the trash can? No, please tell me that this is not happening, please tell me that there is a different explanation, no, please don’t drop me please. Aghhh!

Story of a Mama ticket

Yay! I’m the next on the pile to be bought, woohoo! I have been sitting in this stack of movie tickets forever. I am so exhausted and feel like I’m going to die if I don’t get bought soon enough. Oh, this is great, I’m being bought, finally! This girl is interesting, she seems very outgoing and social. I might actually enjoy my stay with my buyer. Hours have passed and we are back in her house. Buyer’s room is very nice, it’s clean and tidy. Now I wonder where I will fit into this, maybe I get to go into a collection of movie tickets of a stack of paper, whatever it is, I hope it’s good. Oh! Buyer dropped me, I’m floating down, what is that smell? No way! This cannot be my destination; I cannot be headed to the trash can! Please get me out of here.

Story of an empty RPM gum pack

And there goes my last piece! I feel lighter already. Hmm I wonder if the removal of all the pieces will cause me to be rid of the minty smell. Well, for one, I know that Miss loves gum. She practically went through every gum in me in less than 3 days! That is a lot of gum! Anyway, Miss keeps me with her at all times, I don’t know if the fact that the gum are all gone will change that. I’m still in her pocket, so Miss must really like me if she’s willing to keep me. Now she’s smelling me, I knew I would still have the minty smell. Wait, why is she dropping me? Why does it smell so bad in here? Where am I? Is this a trash can?

Story of garbage in a trash can

Perfume: Honestly, I think that my life was a waste! Gatorade has some strange idea that our owner had loved us for as long as possible, but you know what I think? She should have kept us longer, she should have never thrown us away, well not me at least. I can obviously see why she would throw some other things away, but me? No, just no. Anyway, I guess my owner is just going to go out and find some other poor perfume bottle to use and toss out. Well it doesn’t matter for me, I need to make my new life starting now. Goodbye humans!

Gatorade: Stuck here for so long, we got to learn so much about one another. We also figured out that Master cared for every single one of us, and she was forced to throw us out. It wasn’t as if she didn’t love us, or need us, it was just she has a life she needs to go through. We all agreed that Master did nothing but be amazing to us. Though she did, in the end, get rid of us, we were always important to her.

Bandana: I don’t know what to say besides that I am heartbroken. I loved Madam, and helped her for years and years. Even after talking about our experiences, lying in the trash can, I can’t help but feel unloved. I can’t say I blame her because she had taken good care of me for so long, and I think that if she still needed me, she would keep me. I hope she is happy with the other bandanas because if they are not keeping her happy, we will seriously have a problem. I guess this is where my new life begins. Goodbye my good friends.

Mama ticket: If I had known that this would be my end, I would not want to be bought. I guess I can’t complain too much. It was either this death hole, or the other, I personally prefer this one. Since I haven’t seen her very much, I can’t say too much about buyer. However, from the glance I did get of buyer, I think she was an amazing person, at least buyer has good taste in movies!

Gum pack: Gross! This smell is getting all over my body, could I have not been put anywhere else? I can’t blame Miss, as she was very kind while she had me filled with gum. I can tell that it was hard for Miss to get rid of me; the way she smelled me before tossing me was all the proof I needed. Miss was always good to me, and I hope she will stay well. Though I will miss my old home, I hope I find a new one.


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