The Death of Love

(Authors note: This is a story I had written quite a while ago, about 3 years ago. I ran across it today and thought I would share it. Yes, the story is kind of messed up; but hey, don’t ask me, I don’t remember what was going through my mind 3 years ago! 😛 Hope you enjoy it!)

“Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth!” Mr. Jonson called out to Elizabeth Marlin who was daydreaming during math. She shook her head and looked at her teacher, “Yes Mr. Johnson?” she asked confused.

“What’s the answer to 35B?” He repeated his question.

Elizabeth looked down at her paper and said “y=25x+4” then looked up, Mr. Jonson nodded and continued to go through the answers.

The Bell rang and the class gathered their belonging getting out the door. Elizabeth walked out and went to the library. She pulled out a book in a nearby shelf and sat at an empty table beginning to read.

“Can I sit here?” asked a guy with a strong British accent. Elizabeth looked up at the guy nodding and looked back down at her book. “I’m Darwin by the way,” the guy said trying to bring up a conversation.

Elizabeth looked up again and this time smiled, “Elizabeth”.

“Yeah, I know, you’re in my math class” Darwin replied nodding his head.

“Oh really? I didn’t notice, sorry I was out of it I guess.” Elizabeth replied causing Darwin to chuckle. Then she went back to reading.

The bell ran and Elizabeth walked out to her locker to grab her books, then to her car. She put her books in the back seat and got into the driver seat. After driving around for a while, she pulled up to Moonlight Grill and parked her car; she got inside and sat at an open booth. “Can I get you something?” She looked up and saw Darwin hovering over her.

“Oh hey Darwin; no thanks nothing for me,” she replied with a smile.

Darwin smiled back and before turning to walk away he asked, “Hey Elizabeth, do you maybe want to hang out tomorrow?”

Elizabeth was surprised by this “Um, sure I’d love to,” she replied.

“Great! I’ll pick you up at seven then,” and with that he walked away.


Saturday went by quickly, before she new it, it was six thirty. Elizabeth quickly dressed in a light blue long sleeved top and dark jean. She wrapped a white scarf around her neck and brushed her hair down putting a white band on it. The door bell rang and Elizabeth went downstairs and opened the door.

“Hey Elizabeth,” Darwin said smiling.

“Hey Darwin, let me go grab my jacket and I’ll be right out,” Elizabeth came back with her jacket and followed Darwin to his car. They drove for a while and parked by the side of the road. They got out and Elizabeth looked at Darwin. “Where are we going?” She asked confused; they were in an open with a forest leading in.

Darwin smiled and simply replied, “You’ll see”.

Elizabeth and Darwin walked into the forest. Elizabeth looked at Darwin again and said “You’re not going to take me into the middle of the forest and kill me are you?”

Darwin chuckled” I’m not a vampire Elizabeth, what would I get by killing you?”

Elizabeth giggled and said “True, my blood won’t be any good to you would it?”

Darwin smiled “Nope.”


“So Elizabeth, do you want to play 20 questions?” Darwin asked as they walked farther into the forest.

“Hm, sure, but lets make it three questions,”

“Sure you first,” Darwin said

“Okay, number one, have you ever stole something?”

“From my brother, yes I have. If your asking if I have from a mall or something, then no.” He replied.

“Okay number two, how many girls have you dated?” She asked smiling up at Darwin.

“Let’s see, about five,”

“What can’t stick to one girl?”

“No, they get boring after a while,” he said laughing “I’m kidding,” he added.

“I hope so; okay now number three, what is your biggest secret?”

“It won’t be a secret if I told you now would it?”

Elizabeth pouted “Please?”

Darwin chuckled again “Let me see; well I told my mom that I was going to my friends house one day but actually went to the bar,” he said grinning.

“Wow you are so bad…” Elizabeth said sarcastically.

“Yeah whatever, my turn,” Darwin replied grinning again.

“Now Elizabeth tell me have you ever eaten a bug?” Darwin asked

“Actually yes when I was really young my cousin told me it was candy.”

“Honestly I did not expect that. Okay number two, how long did you date your last boyfriend?” he asked.

Elizabeth stayed quiet for a few seconds then softly said “We never broke up,”  Darwin was shocked, but then Elizabeth continued “He was murdered”

Darwin was even more shocked by this. “I’m sorry” he whispered after a while. Then both were silent.

A meadow came into their view and Elizabeth’s eyes widened, “Oh my! This is beautiful!” She cried with surprise. Darwin smiled and led her to the middle where the sunlight hit it perfectly. The filed was filled with beautiful flowers and butterflies. Elizabeth turned toward Darwin and hugged him.

The two of them sat down and talked for a while. “So Elizabeth, if you don’t mind me asking, what’s your biggest secret?” Darwin asked with a smile.

Elizabeth smiled and got on her knees, slowly moving herself on Darwin’s lap. She brought her head down to his and then brushed her lips across his jaw lines up to his cheeks and to his ear. She softly whispered “Beg, and maybe I’ll tell you,”

Darwin tried to swallow the lump in his throat and whispered back “Please,” unable to make a sound come out.

Elizabeth smiled against Darwin’s ear and said “You really want to know what it is?”

Darwin had his eyes closed by now “mmhmm” he responded breathing heavily.

Elizabeth slowly trailed her figures down his back and whispered into Darwin’s ear. “Darwin, my greatest desire is to watch the ones the love me bleed to death,” Before Darwin had time to respond, Elizabeth wrapped her figures around a knife that was hidden in her sleeves and stabbed it into Darwin’s back. A long gasp escaped Darwin’s mouth fallowed by a scream. Elizabeth smiled at his plead for help as blood poured out of him. Darwin looked at Elizabeth with fear, hate, and shock filled eyes. He stared at her until his life was pulled out of him. Elizabeth smiled and laid Darwin down pulling the knife out of him. She wiped the blood off with Darwin’s shirt and put the knife into her pocked. She leaned down and kissed Darwin’s cheek before getting up and walking away with a smile.


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