I was going back on my old writings when I came across this poem. Thought I would post it! 🙂

A single drop down my cheeks

A heartbreaking note right next to me

It’s hard to believe you would find someone new

After you said, I love you

Now, was it true?

Or just a little joke

That you’re so called friends

Said you could not do

I honestly gave my whole heart to you

What you did was let it go into the blue

Now say “hi” to that girl

Who you clam has stolen your heart.

Please don’t break her heart

Like you did to mine.

If you say you love her, do mean it this time

Just know one thing, saying you love me is not the right.

My love for you is strong as it has always been

But they say the ones you love

You must let away,

I hope to see you again, but this time lets be friends

One more thing I must say

I just have one request I say for you to do

Please stop saying “I love you”

-Shanzida Khandaker


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