Just a thought

You know the feeling of emptiness inside of you? That feeling you get in your chest or the pit of your stomach but don’t know why?
I don’t know why I’m writing this, it’s no like you will ever see it, but I guess putting something out on words sometimes makes you feel better then to hold it inside of you.
It’s not like I’m usually a person that is constantly sad or feeling depressed, It’s just that sometimes I, like right now, I get this feeling inside that I can’t explain. And it’s not like I have anything in my life that is going at a horrible direction, but right now I just feel hopeless and broken.
Do you know the feeling, or am I just rambling? Is it just me that gets these feelings that you wish you could burn and get rid of? Is there a way to stop crying, because honestly, you don’t have a clue why you are crying?
I’m 99% sure that you aren’t reading this, and I wouldn’t expect you to read this, but like I said before, it’s just to get these feelings put out somewhere other than inside of me.
It’s not only the emptiness that I’m feeling, it’s also this loneliness. You see, that’s the weird part, because I’m not alone. I have my family with me. So why is it that I feel so alone? Why is it that I feel like, if I talk to someone about this, they won’t understand it? I honestly don’t understand it myself, so how do I expect for someone to understand when I tell them I feel like this.
Is it pointless for me to write this? Is there even a good reason as to why I would be sending this to someone who probably won’t even see this to give a single raindrop of care about it? I honestly don’t think there is, but I guess I have no other choice.
I guess it was ether this or just sitting in my room and letting the tears of unknown reason to fall down my cheeks. I guess this helped a little bit.
That’s about it though, there is nothing else I could say here. Thanks for just being, thanks for just listening even when in reality you are not.

~~~I’m not putting any explanation for this post, It just is.~~~


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