Open Your Eyes

By: Shanzida Khandaker

When you’re born in a country, even if you didn’t grow up in it, there is always a special connection you feel towards it; there is that feeling of love that is unexplainable. However, no matter how strong your love is, regardless of the situation, your mind kicks in and you think logically. Logical thinking isn’t a bad thing, it’s actually the contrary. You adapt to the world around you, and then, when you go into a world that is so different from what you have grown up with, nothing seems to make sense.

I always felt mind boggled when I looked at the situation in Bangladesh. A country that had been so passionate to earn its independence, and had earned it, turned into something close to unexplainable. There is no denying that Bangladesh is a beautiful country; with the nature that covers the grounds of it and the forests that exists carrying the creatures only unique to it, Bangladesh is a country that is one of a kind.

Unfortunately, with every beautiful aspect, slips out an ugliness that we, as humans, try to ignore, making us the fools to ourselves. Just as a flower dies without the proper watering, a country dies without the propped care. Growing up in a country that cares so much about poverty, about respect towards others, and about giving everyone the equal chance in life, the human nature in Bangladesh tends to surprise me. As a country, you you must take others as an example and find the boundaries between right and wrong. Choosing a path in which the country wants to follow needs to come from the hearts and logical thinking. What Bangladesh has done with itself is peel off the layers, like an onion, until nothing but the core is left. The ego that this country holds exceeds the level of having too much of it.

How little does one have to care too witness a child without a limb starve, while across the road a high rise building stands for a single family. This shouldn’t exist, people shouldn’t have to suffer while others live un luxury. It never fails to blow my mind that people can be so selfish and self centered. There is an extreme to everything, and the fact that the rich lives in luxurious mansions while the majority of the people suffer is inhumane.

Can they imagine a place -the ones in poverty- that they can call home, a place they would always feel safe. Will they ever be able to smile and sit down with the ones they love to share a meal that will fill their starved stomachs. Will there ever be a time when the streets of Bangladesh will be empty at night, all the children asleep with a roof over their heads and a blanket over their bodies. Will there ever be a time that the wealthy will open their eyes and know what’s right. To change the country is not something that could be changed in a single day or night. But when it comes to changing something for the better, there needs to be a day that begins it all.

I’ll end this with saying that this small country has a long way to go, but you won’t ever reach the end of the rainbow if you never take the first step towards it.


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