Loosing Who We Are

May 29th, 2014

Understanding life is complicated, on one side, you are told to do what is expected and the other side is begging you to do what your heart wants. If you do what is expected by everyone around you, you feel as if you lost yourself. However, if you follow your heart, you feel as if you betrayed everyone around you, as if you’re a disappointment.
You can’t have it both ways, unless you get lucky and what your heart wants is the exact same as what everyone else wants, but that’s not always the case. 
It’s easy to become a disappointment, but it’s difficult to make people proud. What you want always seems to be looked down upon, the expectations of people that you need to live up to feels unreachable.

There was a experiment that was once made. Ten pre-school children were asked to name things that could be done using  paperclips, i.e. making a necklace, using it as a zipper, and so on. The kids were able to come up was around one hundred different things that could be done using paperclips.

A few years later, the Same kids were asked the same question. This time however, they were in grade three. The same kids were now only able to think of around sixty different things to do with a paperclip. The numbers had decreased significantly.

This same test was taken with the same students that were now in high school, this time the results showed that they were only able to come up with around twenty different things.

As a society, we see the world as if ‘you ether succeed or you fail’; most people have that thought implanted into their brains. Because of this, a lot of outcomes that could have been are lost.

I once came across a cartoon image which displayed a father pushing his child into a classroom full of students and a teacher. What made this image interesting was that the little child that was being forced into the classroom was a small piece of log, his father, along with the other students in the classroom, however was a man (that looked identical) made  from wood. The last part of that picture was the professor, who unlike all the other characters in the image was an axe.

This image held so much meaning to it and it really pointed out a great fact that a lot of times is ignored.

As living and breathing people, we are cut and scraped into shape. From something completely unique and something that should be treasured, we are changed to think alike. I believe that is our greatest weakness.

This is a concept that not everyone understands, and many of who do understand push it aside and ignore. This leaves the very few people to ponder at this and truly understand. The greatest things in life comes from the spontaneous actions taken. Our brains are extremely powerful, the greatest ideas that could come from it is forced down and hidden.

We lose so much from what could have been. The hidden secrets are pushed away and forced to stay hidden, beating us to be just like everyone else.

In the end, the open minded people, and the ones who color outside the lines are buried alive by the pressure put on them. They lose the light in their eyes and fall into an endless pit.


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