The Rain

By: Shanzida Khandaker

“I’m telling you Jase, the rain has vowed to pour until the world is flooded,” Aron moaned into the phone as he lightly banged his head on the on the headboard of his bed. It had been raining nonstop for the past two days but to Aron it felt more like years.

“Air, you’re over reacting mate,” Jase answered, and though Aron couldn’t see, he knew that his best friend was rolling his eyes.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me Jase – no, don’t even try to say you weren’t rolling your eyes Mr.- but seriously, this rain is so- so- I don’t know, so not rad,”

“Okay, first, don’t ever say ‘rad’ again, you sound stupid,”

“Duly noted,”

“And second,” Jase annunciated the words mentally scowling at Aron for interrupting him, “stop moaning and go do something to keep your thoughts off of the rain!”

“But that’s the problem Jase! It’s raining, what do you expect me to do when it’s raining?” Aron’s voice began to get more whiny which caused Jase to huff in annoyance.

“I don’t know, maybe be a normal teenage boy and play video games?” Jase’s voice held strong sarcasm in it.

Aron pouted,

Jase rolled his eyes…again,

Aron let out a whimper of sadness mixed with boredom -was that even possible?-

Jase was silent,

“Uuuugggghhhhh…..” Aron groaned, exaggerating his boredom,

“Goodbye Aron,”

“Wait NO!”


And with that the phone line disconnected.

Aron glared at the phone but then felt bad for glaring at the phone since it wasn’t the one to make Jase hang up. Sighing loudly, Aron slipped into his bed and tried to force himself to sleep.

Okay, so maybe the rain had helped sooth Aron into sleep, and maybe that was one of the best nights of sleep Aron had in a long time. Jase didn’t need to know that, all he needed to know was that the next time it rained Jase ought to be at Aron’s house and not in sunny California.


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