(Hello! This is an essay I had to write for a class. I really liked the end result so i thought i would share it with you guys. Thanks fore reading! 🙂 )

Existentialist Art

In a world where art seems to need protection, we come across the beauty of existentialist art that makes you pause and absorbed the feeling of abnormality. Most people are not used to seeing artistic figures out in the open for human interactions, but when those rare times do come along we sometimes may not know what to do. The purpose of these sculptures that rest in random public places, such as Street Crossing by George Segal, is to express the idea that art shouldn’t be so emphasized but, instead, be blended in with the world. Creating meaning in a meaningless world being the soul idea of existentialism, we are able to understand more clearly the way art is portrayed. Unlike the traditional way of looking at sculptures—in which the sculpture is a high and mighty figure which us, as humans, look up upon—existentialism looks at art the same way it views life. What does a sculpture make you aspire to be? Does looking up at massive sculptures, such as The Motherland Calls, make you feel lesser as a human being, as if you require a higher power for protection? As I’ve stated before, in an existential point of view you create your own meaning; thus, by creating sculptures such as the Street Crossing you’re able to blend in art with the idea of it being a part of our self-identity. Continue reading