The Rain

By: Shanzida Khandaker

“I’m telling you Jase, the rain has vowed to pour until the world is flooded,” Aron moaned into the phone as he lightly banged his head on the on the headboard of his bed. It had been raining nonstop for the past two days but to Aron it felt more like years.

“Air, you’re over reacting mate,” Jase answered, and though Aron couldn’t see, he knew that his best friend was rolling his eyes.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me Jase – no, don’t even try to say you weren’t rolling your eyes Mr.- but seriously, this rain is so- so- I don’t know, so not rad,”

“Okay, first, don’t ever say ‘rad’ again, you sound stupid,”

“Duly noted,” Continue reading


Hey everyone!

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Have fun and get some free stuff! J


Ditch the Whole Scene

(Note: Hey there! This is a story that was written by a friend and I just absolutely adored it! So, I wanted to share it. All credit goes out to Roe Gibson. Hope you like it! –Shanzida 🙂 )

Ditch the Whole Scene

By Roe Gibson

Eponine thunks her head against the window of Cosette’s car. How did she end up here, in this too-clean, too-new, “papa-insisted-on-paying-for-all-of-it”, cutie-mobile? Rain pitter-patters against the car, and the blonde hops into driver’s seat next to Eponine with a bright smile.

“Sorry about that!” she chirps, still grinning. She’s referring to how long it took her to shake off her dad’s overprotective checklists and reminders. “I’m so glad you agreed to come with me- he’d never let me go otherwise.” Eponine leans to look out the window at Cosette’s classy apartment building. Sure enough, her father is standing outside as the doorman holds the door open for him with a sort of grimace. He waves eagerly, and Eponine returns the gesture awkwardly. Continue reading