The Rain

By: Shanzida Khandaker

“I’m telling you Jase, the rain has vowed to pour until the world is flooded,” Aron moaned into the phone as he lightly banged his head on the on the headboard of his bed. It had been raining nonstop for the past two days but to Aron it felt more like years.

“Air, you’re over reacting mate,” Jase answered, and though Aron couldn’t see, he knew that his best friend was rolling his eyes.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me Jase – no, don’t even try to say you weren’t rolling your eyes Mr.- but seriously, this rain is so- so- I don’t know, so not rad,”

“Okay, first, don’t ever say ‘rad’ again, you sound stupid,”

“Duly noted,” Continue reading


For Vengeance

Dark, like a starless ominous night, nothing but darkness filled the room. Even through the blindfold she could feel the darkness that swerved around her; letting out hushed whispers of pleasure filled laughter. The blindfold cut through the skin around her eyes like a sharp blade teasing its way through her flawless skin. The sea salt tears that soaked the blindfold were now slowly drying away. Continue reading