Hey everyone!

My posts aren’t usually like this one, but I felt like I would share this with you all! J Have you ever heard of “Bing Rewards”? Well, I’m going to guess that you know what “Bing” is (The search engine). So Bing has this cool rewards system that lets you get a lot of cool rewards for just using Bing to search.

When you sign up for Bing Rewards, you get points for every time you search using Bing. When you get a lot of rewards points, you get really cool rewards, such as $5 Amazon gift cards, Domino’s gift cards, Burger King Gift cards, GameStop gift cards, and so many more! You can even enter in sweepstakes.

Everyone surfers the internet, do they not? Well, why not earn points for it? It’s a great deal and it’s all free. If I were you, I would get started right away. The link below will take you to the Bing Rewards sign up.

Have fun and get some free stuff! J




Hey everyone!

So, I have a photography site if you want to check it out. I’m probably not going to post any images on this site anymore, but if you want to see my photography go check out my other site! Link below.


My Photography