Me, Myself, and I

I am a creative person with a very open mind. I love to do anything and everything that requires me to use my creativity. My mind flows freely, and when I see something I like, the first thing that pops into my mind is a story or a work of art. A lot of my works portray who I am, and a lot of them also relates to me personally. I am a daughter, a sister, and a friend; I love my family and friends with all that I have. I try not to be afraid of anyone around, showing my religion and culture loud and proud. I love to write for myself, but also love to hear what people have to say, good or bad. I try to stay positive, but like anyone else, I am human and will never be perfect.

Welcome to my creative diary and blog, I hope you all enjoy what I throw out there! Here are just a few things about me personally, if you would like to know read on!

I am the youngest in my family, and I have a lovable (most of the time) brother named Nazmus. (He has his own site if you would like to visit:

I am a student at Illinois State University

My birthday is June 22

I am obsessed with any stuffed dolls (animal, people figure, Elmo, etc). I have about 37 of them and I
love them all the same.

I love “Doctor Who”

My favorite color is blue and my favorite number is seven.

I have moved about ten times in my life, and lived in three different countries.
I never took art classes (middle school art classes don’t count) and had to teach myself everything I know

I love to write, so whenever I get time, I begin to write story plots. I also like to have some sort of writing device with me, because if an idea pops into my head, I like to jot it down.

Photography is one of my favorite classes; it makes me look at objects and their beauty more closely.

I love to paint, draw in pencil, pastel, and even crayons (trust me; you never know how much you can do with crayons until you try!)

Last but not least, I love to make videos. Though I am not very good at it, I still love it.

Well that’s all for now people! Once again, thank you for reading and viewing, hope to see you around more.



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